A History


What we look for...

Our mission is to bring the healing power of our forests and mountains to your life. Our products will give you the well-being and calm that only comes from being in contact with Mother Earth.

With your purchase you are helping to improve the livelihoods of our communities and to conserve our forests that are threatened every day by clandestine logging and the misuse of the land that lead to its degradation.

"From the land to the mountains,

from the mountains to your hands,

and from your hands,

back to earth "

All of our products are hand made and signed by the artist. The inputs of our products are collected in an environmentally friendly way. Our productive model is low waste and based on circular economies.

Due to their wild collection and natural manufacture, all of our products are free of genetically modified organisms (GMO), chemical, toxic substances, parabens and artificial preservatives. All of our cosmetics are dermatologically tested and analyzed in cruelty-free laboratories to guarantee their quality and safety.

We gave our products Zapotec names to preserve our dialect and to thank our ancestors for sharing their knowledge with us.